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Hey, this is Eric here from Saturday Sound Offs.

Blogging has been a lot of fun (especially when you have no life to live! :D j/k). So, along with my home blog, I've decided to begin this blog about my passion for the Mid-America Conference.

Helping me out will be Dan from and Breezy from Red and Black Attack. I've contacted some others who might be interested, so these bloggers probably won't be all that will be members of the team.

As you might have noticed, it's titled "Mid-America Nattering" which means we want you to get involved with our idle chatter! If you feel you can contribute to the blog, feel free to drop me a line at (for now) If not, feel free to leave a few comments.

I hope this venture winds up being pretty cool like my SSO experiment. Later!


GMoney said...

As a Miami alum and diehard fan, I'm looking forward to some great content here! Glad to see a MAc blog, you're going straight up on my blogroll.

Eric said...

Would you like to be a guest writer? There are still one or two potential openings left.

GMoney said...

Love too, what would you like for me to do??? I've been to 2 Miami games already and am going to the Akron Wednesday nighter as well as the bowl game (knock on wood). I usually make it down to 3-4 hoops games during the winter and am leaning toward going to the Miami/L'ville game in December.

sledge said...

One recommendation: Drop all the references to OHIO after Miami. I think all of us here know who you're talking about... and it's not the school in Coral Gables.

Otherwise, keep it up.

Don Olson said...

I put in the Ohio after Miami just to aggravate RedHawkSkins fans.